Capture3-1How can you be a benefits leader in the face of rising HDHPs?

With the high cost of health care, many businesses have switched to high deductible health plans requiring employees to shoulder a lot more of the costs. Medical gap insurance is a great solution to help offset some of these costs while still meeting budget goals.

What You'll Find in This Free Guide to Medical Gap Insurance

This e-book provides a comprehensive view of medical gap insurance, an innovative solution to challenges businesses are facing as a result of increasing health care costs. You'll find knowledge that's critical to have in the midst of the changing health care atmosphere:

  • Healthcare costs and trends a breakdown of health care costs and the effects that rising costs have on business and employees
  • How medical gap plans work what they are and how they can benefit employers and employees
  • Medical gap plans in action how medical gap insurance plans help in unexpected scenarios
  • EPIC medical gap plan basics key talking points for explaining EPIC's Medical Gap plan

Want to learn more about EPIC's Medical Gap Insurance?

Our plan can be added anytime. Policyholders can receive direct cash payments for
expenses such as:

• Medical bills before a deductible has been reached
• Coinsurance and copayments
• Prescription medications
• Non-covered healthcare expenses
• Living expenses such as groceries, rent/mortgage, fuel, and more

Benefit payments are paid directly to the member to use how they choose. It’s a win-win!

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